Client Praise

 A close personal friend of mine recommended George to me after I had a vertebral spinal fusion at L-5/S-1 in December 2005. I sincerely wish I had become acquainted with George sooner than our first session in November 2006. George has done bodywork on me on a regular weekly basis since that time.

There is no human being on this planet more caring or professional than George Koukouves. His concern for his patients transcends any medical professional that I have ever known or come into contact with. He is punctual, available in any emergency situation and never quits the task until he is satisfied that he has worked every problem area necessary to relieve the patient’s pain.

In addition to relieving persistent low back pain, George cured a rotator cuff problem that I had that became more pronounced through repetitive motion in the swimming pool. Ironically, my workouts these days are limited to low to no impact aerobic exercises. (As a former tri-athlete and competitive tennis player, exercise has been an integral part of my life). I continue to swim to relieve the stress on my low back. When the shoulder problem surfaced, I was extremely deflated. George worked the shoulder into his normal back treatment regimen and after two sessions, it was cured. No kidding, I thought I was headed back to surgery.

I have worked with other massage therapists and really do not believe that there is any comparison. There is a significant difference between a “pampering” massage and a “neuromuscular” massage. If you are looking for results and are willing to experience some initial discomfort, then George Koukouves is your answer. If you want pampering, go to the spa!

In summary, I sincerely wish I had known George Koukouves before my vertebral spinal fusion. Had I known George, there is a very strong chance that I never would have needed surgery in the first place. He is an amazing man with more knowledge of anatomy/physiology than anyone I have ever known. This approach to healing is nothing new to the Greeks. They have been doing it for 2,500 years. It is no coincidence that George Koukouves is Greek. He was professionally trained in Greece and Italy. I am glad he made it to America.

— Chris, commercial real estate broker, Phoenix, Arizona

 My family introduced me to George, when I visited Scottsdale shortly after I broke my left arm near the shoulder. George took great care to rehabilitate my arm, and four years later, I make it a point to spend as much time as possible with George during my annual visits to Arizona. I look forward to it every year!

No one compares with George in skill, results and demeanor. No doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor or massage therapist can match his approach to treatment or his knowledge of the human body. No one compares with George. In addition, George is simply the kindest professional I have ever met in the health industry — he has a truly priceless spirit and a heart of gold.

If you want a highly skilled, extremely knowledgeable, kind and joyful health care professional to bring balance and health to your body, make an immediate appointment with George.

— Mary Jane, retired, Grayling, Maryland

 Several years ago, I was referred to George by another health professional. At that time, George worked as an employee at a massage therapy clinic in Scottsdale. When we arrived at the clinic, my husband, who had severe back pain at the time, scheduled with another therapist the following day. I was lying face down on the table when George first put his hands on my back and started to work. I was amazed; I wanted to jump up, wrap myself in the sheet, run to the waiting room, and tell my husband to cancel the appointment with the other therapist. I immediately know that George was extraordinarily gifted in that very first moment. Needless to say, Mike did switch his appointment and we’ve never looked back.

George has the biggest, kindest heart in the universe. He is so very respectful of the individual patient and each person’s unique needs. But his knowledge of the human body and how it should work is unparalleled among the many therapists I have sought treatment with.

George’s work can be intense; he kindly reminds patients that his work is not that of “frou frou honeymoon massages.” Instead, he carefully assesses physical problems and goes to work. There sometimes can be pain in George’s treatment , but oh ... the results!

We now include in our planning of our annual visits to Scottsdale, daily massages with George – to absorb as much of his healing care as we can while in Arizona. We sing our praises of George to anyone with physical challenges, referring to him as “George, our magical massage therapist.” We’ve had other family members and friends make the trek to Scottsdale to see George as well. George has now done therapy on my mother, as well my sister and two of our sons (who have back problems) and a number of our friends, all of whom agree George is truly fantastic and well worth special trips to Arizona to seek out his help.

George Koukouves is simply in a league of his own. You have to experience therapy with George to appreciate his temperament, skills and results.

— Linda, Chicago, Illinois

 George Koukouves has magic hands.

My sixteen year old son, Logan, has cerebral palsy. We began seeing George 5 years ago after another physical therapist recommended George to us. She believed Logan needed a tremendous amount of muscle release before any physical therapy could benefit him; this was not her specialty but she had a former client who knew of a man with dual physical therapist and neuromusclar massage training, a man with “magic hands,” George Koukouves.

George has been a life saver for Logan. Logan has many seizures and these literally ties his muscles in knots, tighter and tighter with each episode. In the aftermath of these seizures, Logan cannot sit up or walk straight and has severely limited range of motion. After George works on Logan, he can sit and stand straight, his pain is lifted, his energy is restored and he is incredibly happy and comfortable.

We have had other therapists work on Logan over the years, but none of them had the knowledge or gift to heal, as does George. Others may loosen a few muscles, relieve a bit of pain here or there, but none have had the insight and technique to correct/solve/heal the underlying structural problems. George is unique in his talents.

Finally, George is the most sincere, kind, gentle, giving human being I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. He has a been a true blessing to Logan and our family.

— Jennifer, Phoenix, Arizona

 George is an extraordinary talent – simply the most skilled and knowledgeable physical and/or massage therapist I’ve ever worked with. My livelihood depends on my daily work with computers. My brother, a physician, told me of George and Neuromuscular Massage & Therapeutics. I came to George with repetitive motion injuries and with a tear (established by MRI) to the supraspinatus tendon in my left shoulder leaving me nearly disabled. I flew to Scottsdale | Phoenix and spent a week in a planned treatment regime of intensive rehabilitation as designed and implemented by George.

George’s skilled insight, trained hands and dedication to my bodywork over this short time restored my functioning almost immediately. It was beyond amazing.

George is a large man with Herculean hands and strength. He has a gentle spirit naturally radiating confidence. His professional manner exudes enormous respect for the patient and the intensity of his focus delivers powerful, healing relief. I enthusiastically endorse George for relief and rehabilitation of any physical ailment, however persistent and resistant to earlier treatment approaches!

— Lawrence, attorney-mediator, Denver, Colorado

 Unlike the typical spa massage therapy, George’s amazing bodywork is determined and intense, but delivers transforming relief. Treatment with George provided dramatic relief for my plantar fasciitis and tension neck aches.

George is extraordinarily gifted and his bodywork is the most powerful and healing among the therapists I have worked with in the past!

— Jean, Registered Nurse, Genesee, Colorado

 I am a 68 year old physician. Two years ago, I fractured my hip in a bicycle accident which required surgical repair. I had multiple problems some of which stemmed from my overzealous attempt to return to my usual activities. Despite my dedication to a serious rehabilitation program recommended by my physical therapy colleagues and an orthopedist, I continued to have difficulty walking, and scarring and spasm forced me to limp and left me unable to resume normal activities. Fortunately a friend referred me to George Koukouves.

I was immediately impressed with George's professional demeanor and knowledge. After researching his background, it became clear George is a unique professional. His dual training both in neuromuscular and athletic massage (with early studies in Greece and Italy) and as, a physical therapist, impressed me as a physician.

George informed me that the type of therapy he would recommend would cause some discomfort as it would be necessary to use significant pressure on the muscles and scarring. In a few treatments, I noticed amazing relief and healing. Because of the chronicity of the injury and the nature of the surgical repair, some spasming would recur. But much sooner than I would ever have predicted, with the aid of George's expertise, I was back to normal physical and athletic activity (I am an avid golfer).

As a physician I have observed that unfortunately, most of today's physical therapists have little practical training in therapeutic massage; unfortunately, insurance reimbursement schedules promote an emphasis on treatments such as ultra sound, TENS, heat packs and exercise instruction. In addition, most physical therapists do not have the physique, physical strength or knowledge to perform vigorous prolonged and carefully directed neuromuscular massage, something George is well equipped to excel at.

I know that George is frequently referred — and achieves unbelievable results — in severe refractory shoulder and back and neck problem cases as well as athletic injuries that have failed all other treatment modalities by other physical therapists and physicians. His practice includes a large number of out of state referrals based on his unique training, talents, professional standing and results.

Finally, I can assure any prospective patient that George is an exceedingly ethical, honest, caring and empathetic professional who treats every patient with respect. He is persistent as well and does not give up until he has achieved good results. I enthusiastically recommend George without reservation.

— James, M.D., cardiologist, Milwaukee, WI

 George enabled me to hug my children, throw a ball and write a letter by hand again. All priceless gifts that were restored to me as a result of George's extraordinary hands!

— George, real estate developer | investor, Scottsdale, AZ

 Words cannot express my appreciation for your phenomenal therapy, in helping me regain the strength in my hand after surgery. I never thought I would be where I am today.

Before your therapy on my hand, I would look at my keyboard and wonder how in the world I would ever transcribe again … for a single hour, let alone an eight-hour day plus overtime. Just six months later, your skills have allowed not only my return to full-time work, but commonly now even 50 plus hours work weekly!

I could not have done it without your dedication and expertise. You are absolutely the greatest therapist!

— Cathy, transcriptionist, Phoenix, AZ