George Koukouves, PT, LMT and Scottsdale Neuromuscular Massage & Therapeutics remain totally committed to providing clients, in a comfortable and professional environment, the most expert and restorative neuromuscular massage therapy and treatment.

Throughout his many years of physiotherapist and massage therapeutics practice, George has forged an eclectic approach to bodywork that has successfully assisted in relief from pain and discomfort, and restoration of function of clients with the following difficulties:

Sports Injuries

George frequently treats acute golf, tennis, bicycle, running and other sports-related injuries, and chronic conditions resulting from these injuries. (These include a broad spectrum of presenting problems, from tendinitis, to bursitis to rotator cuff issues.) George's treatment has dramatically restored range of motion and full function to clients participating in sports as professional athletes or as amateur sports enthusiasts.

Repetitive Motion and Computer Overuse Disorders

George often works with rehabilitating muscles and range of function compromised by repetitive motion injuries (RMI), including those from weeks, months or years of overuse. Common presenting problems include tendinitis, bursitis and carpal tunnel | thoracic outlet syndrome-related difficulties.

Chronic Back, Neck and Foot Pain

Skilled myofascial therapy often provides the only measurable relief from chronic back, neck or foot (including plantar fasciitis) pain and difficulties. George's clients have found his bodywork life saving in managing pain, halting muscular spasm and restoring daily functioning.

Incapacitating Developmental Disabilities and Fibromyalgia

George has successfully worked with many clients of all ages with other chronic problems, including fibromyalgia and developmental disabilities (even those clients with severe musculoskeletal dysfunction such as cerebral palsy). With these clients, George's persistence and extraordinary kindness of heart allow results not possible with treatments by ordinary physical massage therapists.

Feel free to contact George to learn if his unique background and skills and extraordinary bodywork can meaningfully assist you with your presenting challenge, problem or limitation!